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Mary Rachel
Fantastic place, fantastic staff. Honestly still shocked by the progress I have made in my pain since going here. Definitely recommend!
Lauren Stanwick
I sought out a pelvic floor therapist after delivering my baby and experiencing some discomfort. Working with Cara quickly helped me feel better. She was very knowledgeable with both the internal aspect of it as well as exercises to increase strength. Everyone at Maximum Solutions is welcoming and friendly. Cara answered any and all questions, even some quick ones unrelated to my pelvic floor treatment. I’m very thankful to have found such a wonderful place and highly recommend Cara to anyone looking for an awesome physical therapist!
I went to Maximum Solutions after a leg injury. I found them through google and tried them after reading all the excellent reviews. The entire staff is extremely nice and wonderful people. I was evaluated by Cara and worked with her most of the time I was in therapy, and had a few days with other therapists as well. All of them were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout my entire rehab process. Cara addressed any concerns or questions I had throughout. Towards the end, I also had some other injuries that I was dealing with that she assessed and gave me advice on how to heal at home. Thank you all!
Anna Champagne
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Convenient hours. Good parking. Would use them again.
Norman Hollenback
I absolutely loved the staff. They were attentive, informative and a pleasure to work with. My hip and hamstring were a mess. now just a short time later I'm in great shape. So grateful for their insight and help.
I suffered for over six months and wasn’t sure I’d ever get back to my pre-injured state. Cara took the time to understand my pain’s cause and worked on breaking through the scar tissue and building back my strength. I finally feel like myself again.
Stephen Laclair
I have always had a great experience at Maximum Solutionsin Belvidere, N.J. with my physical therapy. I have experiencedgreat results with all the staff. Cara, Myla Theresa, Renee andLisa. The therapists guided me through the exercises correctly.Renee would get me started with equipment and exercises. Allthree therapists were unique in helping me be where I am now.Upon entering the facility Lisa would greet me. Very friendly andhelpful. This is my go to place when I require physical therapy.Peggy Laclair
Roberta Bibeault
I am a returning patient to Maximum Solutions but this time it was for a far different reason. A family member of mine was going to need but a lot of help after a severe injury and I realized I didn't have the strength, balance or knowledge to assist them so I turned to the experts. Not only did I gain the strength but the knowledge how to work with my injured family member. Their skills plus my own gave me the confidence and security that we would be able to manage. Thank you to Cara and the crew.
Pamela Rusweiler
Maximum Solutions PT is absolutely the BEST! I have had an ongoing knee and back issues that Cara has treated for a very long period of time. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. I am so grateful to Cara and her staff for always being there to make me feel better. All of the therapists, assistants, and office personnel are wonderful! They are friendly, professional, and extremely caring. I would highly recommend this PT group to anyone and everyone!!!
Bob McCrystal
I cannot say enough good things about Maximum Solutions! Kind, compassionate and very skilled! After my sixth knee surgery I am doing things I have not been able to do in 20 years ! They are so dedicated to getting the maximum use of my leg so I can live as normal as possible! I highly recommend Cara and her entire staff ! Laurie Mccrystal
Samantha Lewis
I went to Cara for pelvic floor therapy and she was a godsend! It is obviously a more vulnerable type of therapy but she and the rest of the staff made me feel so comfortable. It was never awkward and the best of all she helped me so much! Basically all of my problems went away from seeing her cause she not only gave me exercises to do while there but she helped me establish a foundation to continue off of that has help me maintain my progress. They don’t just fix you for the couple months you go there they fix you for life. Also shout out to the amazing Lisa! She is the one who normally answers phones and works the front desk. She is the nicest and funniest person i’ve ever met in a medical field. She kept a warm environment and I was able to make a close connection with her so much that if I saw her out and about we would stop and chat! I love this place! i need to get more physical therapy for a separate issue and plan on going back to them
Theresa Kielce
Maximum Solutions offers a warm, caring, and friendly atmosphere with a knowledgeable staff. Cara is an exceptional diagnostician, and is continually learning and sharing with her staff and clientele new techniques in patient rehab. She strives, as do all of her staff, to ensure patient success. I am privileged to be a part of such a facility that promotes fundamental wellness and mobility.
Phillipsburg Riverside Chat
Sandra M. - Fabulous staff, expert physical therapists, with their help, I have become far more healthy... Who could ask for anything more?
Peggy Niece
I had been to other physical therapist in other places but this is the first time I felt that I was listen to. Other place read what the doctor sends but do not ask alot of questions. Cara did an indepth review of my complaints.The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. It has a very friendly and calming atmosphere.If you feel previous PT has not gone well try Maximum Solution. I recommend.
Dawn Williams
Fantastic group of people. Everyone is very nice. The Physical Therapy is top notch and the "office" is a warm comfortable environment. I would recommend Maximum Solutions to anyone in need of Therapy.
Marty D.
If you’re in need of physical therapy look no further. Very experienced and professional team. I’m so thankful to have found Maximum Solutions PT in Belvidere… “New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret!”
Katherine Kolibas
Cara is the best. You can literally walk in and she sees by your posture, your walk, etc what’s going on. One time I needed help with pain in one spot and she started digging into areas far from the pain working through each issue until the one that I felt was resolved. Our body is so interconnected. Only a wizard can unravel the mystery. She’s my “go to” more than any doctor! Go here first!!!
Linda Peterson
Was very pleased with all of the staff when I needed PT. They were kind ,knowledgeable & a relaxing atmosphere which made me very comfortable. My condition improved quickly & max solutions will always be where I go to feel better
Brian LaBar
I had a total knee replacement and selected Maximum Solutions for the post-surgery physical therapy because of all the favorable comments I heard about them from friends and neighbors. I was not disappointed as from my very first day, from the receptionist to the therapists all have provided exceptional personal care. They established the goal i was to reach and have continued to do therapy and measurements to assure that I am working toward my final objective.
Mark Tranquilli
Very informative staff they keep you moving forward while making sure you don't damage your self,my shoulder replacement was six months ago my doctor is very pleased with my results to date .With the staff's guidance I will be able to go back to my regular life soon I CAN'T BE HAPPIER there tops in there field an I have an will recommend them to anyone with need.
Lisa Peterson
Maximum Solutions is fantastic!! I'm so lucky to be able to work with such kind and caring people in this company. We are all like a big family full of lots of laughs and great times! So thankful to work with such an amazing group!
renee baylor
I came as a shoulder patient they were all great made you feel right at home never pushed to do anything you couldnt but got you where you needed to be! Most friendliest staff you could ask for I loved them so much I now am part of their team!! Thank you for taking me on your team I enjoy all the patients and enjoy my coworkers. I am currently a patient again for my back wouldnt go anywhere else!
Julie Wood
Prior to going to Maximum Solutions I had a very bad experience with physical therapy. From the beginning, I shared my concerns with the Therapist and she was very understanding. She told me step-by-step what was going to happen and and what my role would be.I am so thankful that I chose this facility! I worked with all of the therapists but never felt like there was a disconnect in my program. I felt like all of the therapists were looking out for me and definitely had my best interest and my recovery in mind. They are very professional and friendly. I have to say that I actually enjoyed my experience and would not have second thoughts about going there again. Hopefully I won’t need to, but it’s comforting to know that they are there if I need them.
Pat Sypniewski
I was very pleased with the services I received at Maximum Solutions. The entire staff was always very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They really listened to my concerns and addressed each concern I had. Scheduling was easy.
Kyle Disney
Amazing place. Had some back issues from years of working at my job and maximum solutions helped me rid my pain in just a few weeks. Very kind and friendly staff as well
Bev and Ron Lommatzsch
I have been to Maximum Solutions three times and have always come away feeling like a new person. I highly recommend them for any physical therapy needs. The people are friendly and make you feel better!
Cathie LaBar
I was experiencing shoulder pain and attended one of their shoulder workshops which was very informative. I then decided to do therapy before my problem got worse. It was extremely helpful. The whole staff is amazing. They make you feel like family.
Robert Severino
I was referred to Maximum Solutions for excruciating heel pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. I could hardly walk. I want to Thank the entire team in providing the therapies and exercises that gradually reduced the pain and made it mostly disappear. Now I can walk, work, and drive my handsome show horse without pain.
Linda Trulio
I had a wonderful experience with maximum solutions the first hands on therapist who assist all your needs and follow you closely while you are working your muscles. I am an RN with two tears in both roto cuffs I can now reach up high to get things numbness in feet gone and sleeping through the night. I attended the workshop and was very impressed.
Lisa Molinsky
I had a right total knee revision with nine weeks to go until my wedding day.I found Maximum Therapy Solutions on the internet. When I arrived there I discovered it was in an old, rebuilt sawmill and looked inviting. My therapist C.J. was honest upfront. He informed me that he would treat me with care, yet some pain might occur. Everyone was pleasant and accommodating, and always treated me with respect. They were proactive in allowing me to direct some aspects of my care. All my goals were met in time for me to enjoy my wedding day. I would highly recommend Maximum Solutions Physical Therapy to any doctor referring from Mid-Jersey Orthopedics. I was so pleased with them that I am continuing in their Wellness Program.
Donna Perrotti
I have had the pleasure twice so far, of having Maximum Solutions repair me. Both times were hip related, the first time was to strengthen and prepare for an upcoming hip replacement, in which they were exceptional in helping me. Several months later, I had my left hip replaced, and 1 week later, I was back to them and once again, they were absolutely fantastic! They are very knowledgeable and care deeply about the outcome for each patient they care for. They totally prepared me to go back to work, and even simulated different tasks, so I would be completely ready. The staff are all very professional and kind. Couldn't ask for a better physical therapy! I highly recommend them.
Sharon oconnor
My frozen shoulder is well on the way to a complete recovery after receiving physical therapy from the very knowledgeable and experienced therapists at maximum solutions. The staff is very friendly and empathetic. I was educated about my condition and given helpful advice about how to take better care of myself to avoid a recurrence. I enjoyed the rustic atmosphere of the locale as well!
Tammy Kelson
I went for physical therapy for a hip issue. All the staff were professional, caring and eager to see me progress to normal range of function. It is like family when you arrive for your session.....they interact personally and you are very comfortable. I saw results in a short time and would highly recommend if you are experiencing something that limits your activities or causes discomfort. They have magic hands!!!
Craig Mott
Great staff and wonderful group of people. Not only do they help you with your pains or recovery but also educate you in the process.
edziu biegaj
Great staff, as my pain presents in different ways they are on top of finding better things to help less and then get rid of the pain permanently.
Debra Hendershot
Having never been to a Physical Therapy setting, I didn't know what to expect. Even when the surgeon asked me where I wanted to go, I had no clue. He recommended Maximum Solutions in Belvidere, NJ! As I entered the therapy center, I was warmly greeted by the receptionists at the front desk. I met one of the 3 therapists my first session. I was evaluated and then my first treatment began. I left the first day with tips for what to do at home. (My "homework"-with reminders to not overdue it and to stop if there was pain).During my 3 weeks of therapy I had the opportunity to meet all three therapists, each giving wonderful treatment, encouragement, and hands on massage at the end of my sessions which felt great. Every question I had was answered with detail. I never felt rushed. The goal of each therapist was to restore me to good movement. Kind and gentle reminders were given that healing takes time, it is the way our bodies work. Caution and encouragement was given to know at what points to expect the changes in my healing, when to rest and when to push forward. I didn't want to be discharged as I loved going to therapy, even though it meant work on my part. There's no end to the good things I can say-I would strongly recommend Maximum Solutions for anyone seeking physical therapy. They treat not just the condition, but the whole person! Love them all! PS-They love chocolate!
Krista Cooper
Everyone there is absolutely wonderful, I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such a wonderful group of physical therapists before. They worked with my crazy schedule which was definitely a plus!
Car W
Maximum Solutions in Belvidere has the best PT around. I've been going to therapy for a few different problems and each time I feel leaving in less pain than when I started. Cara, TJ, Tersea, Denise the office queen. I am greatful for having such a caring, and knowledgeable physical therapy team.❤️ Thank you for all that you do. Your forever patient! Caroline
Elizabeth Rossi
Maximum Solutions is the BEST for physical therapy. If I ever need PT again, that is where I will go. They did so much for me literaly giving me back full use of my arm. A wonderful staff of real professionals. I can't thank them enough.
Robert Blum
Caring and compassionate service. Well run organization with great people.
Cheryl Hensil
I've used Maximum Solutions for the last two summers after surgery. Cara, Teresa and TJ are wonderful and caring therapists that work hard to treat and improve the physical problem that you have. Thanks also to Denise for her assistant in scheduling. I would recommend any day this competent and friendly staff.
Diane Obrien
I have been to many physical therapists over the years and have found that none measure up to the dedication, care, and superior skill found at Maximum Solutions. Treatment is personalized, not generic.
Susan Steinhardt
Everyone at Maximum Solutions has the patients' best interest as a top priority. Three members of my family have worked with the staff of Maximum Solutions, and all of us have had positive experiences. From the scheduling and paperwork at the front desk to the care and interaction in the treatment area, we always felt comfortable and secure.The treatment approaches are geared to each individual. I was most impressed with the additional effort the therapists put into staying up to date with what is new in their field. I can recommend this business without hesitation and assure future clients they will be treated as an individual in a small setting rather than a number in a major corporation.
Kathy R.
Quality and compassionate care combined with excellence in a non-judgmental healing atmosphere. This place has been a huge blessing to my husand and me. Highly recommend!
private name
Friendly, Professional, results oriented. Recommended to me by friends who have been successfully treated. I have been to other therapy centers, but for me Maximum Solutions is now my first choice.
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