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Maximum Solutions is more than just physical therapy. When you are a patient you're treated with the utmost respect and you're treated as a person not just an injury or diagnosis. The Maximum Solutions team are one of a kind and I would trust all of them with my healthcare needs. If you want to feel comfortable, respected, loved and safe while receiving physical therapy, then Maximum Solutions is the right fit for you 🙂

Alyssa Gower

Knowledgeable and professional staff. I chose Maximum Solutions for the 1 to 1 client/staff ratio. The facility was clean. Any time a client changed location or equipment, the area was quickly sanitized. I was very pleased with my physical therapy results and the friendliness of the staff.

Pat Shoemaker

At Maximum Solutions they genuinely care about your well-being and do everything in their power to help you recover and get you to full health. The whole staff are incredibly kind, and you really form a great relationship with everyone working there. I would recommend Maximum Solutions to anyone trying to recover from any type of injury.

Chase May

A friendly and knowledgeable staff. From the front desk to the therapy area. Always attentive. Making the process of physical recovery as easy and as pain free for the patient as possible. The flexibility of scheduling appointments to my needs was/is a plus. I highly recommend Maximum Solutions, to both family and friends.

Johnnie Lacend

When I first came to Maximum Solutions I barely could walk with a walker. My posture was bent over and my back pain after surgery hindered daily activity, cooking and required help putting on socks and shoes. Today I am walking without the walker and still use a cane on occasion during cold snowy weather. I have learned exercises and techniques to maintain this recovery. I thank all the associates as each has helped from keeping me on track with appointments and meeting the best healers and students who kept me motivated. Thank you to everyone at Maximum Solutions that helped me and kept me working and never giving up.

Val Lorie Wilson

I have been treated by Maximum Solutions for 14 years for multiple conditions. They got me back to walking, when I thought I would never walk again. They are true professionals at their job. The entire staff at Maximum Solutions are kind and considerate. They come highly recommended in my book. I would refer Maximum Solutions to anyone who needs great Physical Therapy.

Maureen Kirton

Best place I have ever been to for PT. All staff are very personable, friendly and work with you one on one to focus on your recovery. It's always a pleasure walking in there as they are all so very welcoming.

Rebecca Stager

At Maximum Solutions you don’t feel like just another patient. The entire staff is warm and welcoming. Having a complicated pain condition, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my therapy. The team at Maximum Solutions find the perfect balance in treating me without leaving me in tears. I highly recommend their services.

Lisa Tuohy

This is not my first experience at Maximum Solution Phisical Therapy. I was there last year in July after months of pain in my shoulder and nothing seen help me. I left the PT place in September and I haven't pain at all. I came back on May this year bc I had very sharp back pain and I wasn't able to get up after I sat. The pain was so intense that I can't do the simple things like put my socks or just put cream in my legs after shower. Just after two weeks of exercises I was pain free. It was amazing. I was able to do everything like I never had pain before. I kept coming two days a week to learn how keep my exercisess at home. The staff is very friendly and professional. They work as a team and adjust the exercise when it needed. I don't want to name one of them bc all are so kind and they really care about the people who are suffering. Thank You Maximum Solution Phisical Therapy I will refer this facility to family and friends

Daniela Belli

If your looking for quality care to help you In your journey to rehabilitate your mobility Maximum Solutions is the Facility for you. They are staff with an excellent team varied In different expertise. They work as a team paying close attention to their patient needs and make adjustments as neccesary to achieve great results. Don't waste time with the rest settle at the Best.

Cindy Parrish

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