Pain Therapy Verses Opioids

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sales of prescription opioids have quadrupled in the United States, even though there has not been an overall change in the amount of pain that Americans report. In response to a growing opioid epidemic, the CDC released opioid prescription guidelines in March 2016. The guidelines recognize that prescription opioids are appropriate in certain cases including cancer care and end of life care; however, for other pain management the CDC recommends non-opioid approaches including Physical Therapy.

Patients should choose physical therapy when:
Patients are concerned about the risks of opioid use
Pain or function problems related to low back pain
Opioids are prescribed for pain
Pain lasts more than 90 days

Things Physical Therapists do that would curb use of opioids:
Self-Management techniques to give you control
Manual treatment of joints and soft tissues to decrease pain, improve movement
Pain relieving techniques to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation
Movement and strengthening programs along with prevention

Before taking a prescription for opioids, please consider consulting with a Physical Therapist at Maximum Solutions Inc. to discuss other options for pain relief.