Maximum Solutions Physical Therapy Testimonials

There Aren't Words to Thank You
To all my friends at Maximum Solutions. A special thank you to Dr. James Kim for his referral to Maximum Solutions Physical Therapy. There aren’t words to thank you for your generous caring. The difference from other physical therapy is the hands on that makes such a difference. I will always be a spokesman for Maximum Solutions Physical Therapy to others in need. God bless you all always!
—Nancy D.

Lots of Patience
I moved from N.J to PA about a year ago, so I commute from my job to home every day. I had problems with my rotator cuff (left arm) for about a year. I decided to look for a physical therapist in the PA area which is closer to home. I had called around to several locations near me and was not satisfied. I saw Maximum Solutions on the web and decided to give them a ring. The young lady that answered the phone was very professional and polite, which is very rare in some places. She answered all of my questions and was extremely informative. I said to myself, “If the staff is as professional as the receptionist , then this would be the place for me.  Both physical therapists were great and had lots of patience for me. They were dedicated as well as healing. The young assistant who helped the physical therapists was also extremely professional. Maximum Solutions has a family atmosphere and has all the equipment you need. It only took a month and a half and I feel great!
—Roy S.

The Staff Really Care
When my physician recommended that I have physical therapy, I was doubtful. I had taken PT at other places with limited results. Maximum Solutions was totally different. The staff really care and help their patients get better. They pay attention to their patients treatment plan and make sure the exercises are being done correctly. Mostly they relieve pain. The entire team at Maximum Solutions treat you with respect and compassion. I felt welcomed and at home during my physical therapy sessions. The physical therapists helped me to walk again without a cane. They relieved the sciatic pain and taught me how to tape my legs and ankles for support so that I don’t injure myself again. Maximum Solutions gave the best physical therapy I have ever had!
—Nancy J.

Commitment, Dedication, Perseverance 
My doctor referred me for Physical Therapy. After searching for several places, I came upon Maximum Solutions. After speaking with Michelle and finding out how helpful the staff is with insurance forms, I knew this was the place to be! I cannot tell you how sincerely grateful I am to the East Stroudsburg staff. The level of commitment, dedication, perseverance, and humbleness are unmatched by any other. When I first began my journey I thought I’d only be there a few weeks. Right away Dora explained to me how it takes time for the nerves to heal so be patient. I was progressing well and then I did have a setback.  Jill gave me an awesome pep talk and kept me encouraged. Dora gave excellent advice on next steps and the rest of the team kept up with smiles and encouragement. I have spoken to family, friends, and even individuals I’ve met in passing, about Maximum Solutions. If you want a team of caring professionals, Maximum Solutions is the place to be!
Althea T.

True Professionals
I was referred to Maximum Solutions by Dr. Mineo who performed a successful surgery on my left shoulder. Thank you Dr. Mineo for referring me to such professionals! I attended therapy before my surgery at Maximum Solutions, and I was glad I did! They prepared me for surgery by strengthening muscles in my left shoulder and arm, thus making my recovery easier and sooner than expected. These are true professionals. From the 1st day I walked in it was all business. It was about me and my recovery. After each visit, I felt better and stronger. Thank you all for being so kind, so caring, and so concerned. You took all the pain away, pain so severe that it was affecting everyday life. They sweated and struggled to improve my health. I cannot thank you enough, you made my life better Maximum Solutions!
Ralph A.

This Was My Best Experience
I would like to thank all the therapists and interns as well as Aprill, for their kindness, hard work and patience. They were always upbeat and passed that energy to you. I’ve dealt with three different Physical Therapy sites and this was my best experience! I especially appreciate the fact that they were the only place in the Pocono, Lehigh Valley area that I contacted that worked with my insurance. Thank you ever so much!
Gwendolyn S.

I Always Felt Welcomed
This is the second time that I have gone to Maximum Solutions for my Physical Therapy. From the moment I entered the reception area and throughout the office, I always felt welcomed and at ease with the level of professionalism and care that I received. Dora was always very gentle in her approach and the encouragement that she gave helped me to go over and beyond what was expected. I am very happy with my healing and results of the therapy received and will not hesitate to return if need be. Thank you.
Claire E.